Amanda Sanders


My name is Amanda Sanders. I got into real estate  after managing our own eight rentals for 16 years. I also hold an RN in the state of Washington and worked tele, and multiple other specialties before starting real estate. I wanted to be in a field where I would get to work with people, get paid for the amount of work I put into my day, and frankly I love homes.My husband is a mortgage broker and has been for 23 years so I am very well versed in listening to the loan process. I am, probably due to being in nursing for such a long time, very aware of what my buyer is looking for and answering their needs.I am assertive if not aggressive for my client ,which is really necessary in this field. Some of my hobbies include activities with my three children,running(I like marathons and ultras),photography and hanging out with my St.Bernard Zeus.

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