Jay Kobza

Broker & Custom Home Builder

I am a Thurston County Real Agent that specializes in helping people buy and sell vacant land and development property. I have been a builder and land developer in the South Sound area for over 20 years. This has given me a lot of experiences and knowledge about the process of buying and selling property. This is a very specialized type of Real Estate transaction which is why you should use a specialized Agent. There are a lot of considerations and possible hazards that can arise when buying or selling land. It is easy to make mistakes. I can help you I can help you avoid these mistakes because I have already made most of them. There are a lot of problems that tend to arise. With today’s increasing regulatory environment, there are a lot more issues to address concerning land purchases. Wetlands, steep slopes, wildlife, zoning changes, environmental hazards, etc.; any of these can result in expensive mistakes. I have experience in these areas and I have a list of specialized consults that can help you avoid these mistakes.


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